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Sorry for not releasing a bugfix release for 2.4BETA1 yet. Upon demand, psyBNC 2.4BETA2 has been released SOLELY to address the missing config.h configuration file in 2.4BETA1. Still you might want to run make menuconfig, but now it ships with DCC, traffic logging, multiuser, multinet, scripting, oidentd support. If you are already running psyBNC 2.4BETA1, you do not need to upgrade. Download it here - TheAvatar
Working, working, working. Patience is a virtue! In the meantime, grab the psyBNC 2.4BETA1 here! (Please notice it ships without config.h, so run make menuconfig to enable the features you need) - TheAvatar
From today the psyBNC sourceforge bugtracker is closed!
If you want report a bug, please use the "trac" system at: or use the Forum.
Last but not least welcome to our new developer: TheAvatar
New psyBNC Forum online. Register here
We are still working, be patient! "We know what you want" - inFECT
psyBNC2.3.2-7 is ready. Download it here.
psyBNC2.3.2-6 is ready. Download it here.
psyBNC netprefix patch for IRCnet. Download it here.
psyBNC-2.3.2-6 BETA5 is ready. Download it here.
psyBNC2.3.2-5 is ready. Download it here.
24.06.04 Cricitcal bug fix.
psyBNC2.3.2-4 and psyBNC2.3.1 got patched against a denial of service bug in handling none-allowed ssl-connections. Download the corrected version 2.3.2-4 here. MD5-CheckSum is available here.
Also see the Changes.
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Next psyBNC Version will be released by a new Development Team.
psychoid recently added about 4 developers to his psyBNC project.
Please send your bug reports and feature requests now also to: Arakis/Chaot/iceblox/inFECT@IRCnet or use the Contact eMail.

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